Repairing a Sprinkler System in Bountiful

Since the sprinkler is an important part of your yard’s irrigation system, and it is a complex system with many parts, you might need to call a professional in Bountiful help so it can be immediately repaired and repaired right.

Just in case you are tight on the budget or would like to try your hand on it for the first time, here are common issues and what to do to repair them on your own.

– Replace the Head

Do this if there is puddling around the sprinkler that erodes your grass or you notice leaking.

1. To start this repair, put the system into the test mode.

2. Shut off the control valve to stop the supply of water to the sprinkler.

3. Drain the remaining water inside by opening the main drain. Wait for an hour to fully drain.

4. Expose the sprinkler head’s riser by digging around it using a spade.

5. Then unscrew the old head and replace it with a new one.

Finding the right replacement heads is easy. The difficult part may be that when you open the water supply and find that the sprinkler is not working correctly.

For that, adjustment tools will help, so learn how to use them so as not to damage the new heads or any part of the sprinkler system.

-What to Do with a Bad Zone?

If your current house in Bountiful has a bad zone, you will notice weak pressure which causes water not to rise high enough to provide enough water to the lawn.

This is a tough job to repair and might push you to dig all sprinkler heads in that area, and what’s more is if you discover there are more heads than you previously thought in that zone.

You might find these heads don’t have the same flow rate with some having bigger sizes than others. This should not be the case, because this causes uneven water flow.

So, what you can do to repair this is cut down the number of sprinkler heads to what is just enough for your lawn in Bountiful and use only one size for that zone for even water distribution. This will save you tons of money in the long run.

Check the main control if it is too old to function properly and needs a repair or replacement. This is pretty easy to do, as all you need to do is to hook only a few wires and you’re done.

Consider adding a rain sensor so you will not waste water after rain and have a few more dollars to save.

– Crushed Pipes

The usual reason for this issue is damage caused by tree roots; the other would be a shallow installation of the pipe. If the water line runs through a spot near a tree, start digging on that part.

Once the damaged section is located, repair it by cutting that part using a hacksaw and rerouting the line a safe distance from the tree.

You will use band clamps and couplings to replace and connect the new pipe section to the part you have cut.

In any case you will find the job at hand too difficult to handle on your own, call a qualified sprinkler repair Bountiful contractor near you.

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