How Often Should You Replace Kitchen Cabinet?

How Often Should You Replace Kitchen Cabinet?

A kitchen needs to be clean and tidy. That is why cupboards help store canned goods, chips, utensils, pans, and kitchen appliances. However, this piece of furniture does not last forever. It has specific longevity before it collapses and loses its primary function.

So, when is the perfect time to replace the kitchen cupboard?

  • When there are apparent wear and tear signs

Homeowners need to replace cabinets that show obvious signs of wear. They need to prioritize to avoid any unnecessary costly expenses. It should be their priority instead of purchasing new appliances and furniture because it will not solve the main problem correctly. 

The common signs that individuals should look after when there are:

  1. peeling,
  2. dents,
  3. scratches, and
  4. discoloration

Property owners should not overlook this, although the cabinet is still practical. It is best to do prevention than cure it.

  • When the warranty is up

Higher-end kitchen cabinets can last up to fifty years, depending on the material and how much the homeowner uses the cabinet. That is why they should learn about the duration and what covers the warranty. Householders can make repairs or replacements through this platform.

One must ensure they are buying on a legit kitchen cabinet Fountain Valley company. They can help their clients make the right choice for their kitchen.

  • When there is a mold or bacteria infestation.

The family’s health can also be affected by bacteria and mold. It is possible to remove mold from its early stages. Unfortunately, it can still grow so large it can affect other family members. Although it is possible to eliminate small amounts of mold quickly, if it persists or the wood becomes softened, it may be worth replacing the cabinets. 

Continue reading the infographic below by one of the well-known kitchen remodeling companies in Rancho Cucamonga as they share the things you should know about the ideal time for cupboard replacement. Keep these points in mind and get started with inspecting your cabinets:

How Often Should You Replace Kitchen Cabinets