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Types of Office Furniture Your Utah Workplace Needs


Standing Desk

Standing desks, also known as adjustable height desks, can do exactly what their name implies: they can be adjusted. Working for eight-plus hours a day can be exhausting and leave you fidgeting in your seat, but standing desks allow you to adjust the height and position of your desk so that you can work standing up. This is ideal for individuals working with papers and visual demographics, as it allows them to (in theory) take a step back from their work and see it from a different perspective. Standing desks are a must-have in all workplaces.

Writing Desk

Writing desks are thin, space-saving desks with minimal storage, perfect for laptop work or physical writing work. Ideally, writing desks can be lined against an office wall, out of the way of larger desks and office traffic. In addition, writing desks may have elevated shelves for picture frames, pencils, plants, and other decorations, making them the perfect desk option for a minimalist office. If your office requires more desks, but you’re not sure you have the room for them, consider purchasing writing desks.

Floating Desk

Floating desks, or wall-mounted desks, are desks without legs that are mounted directly onto a wall. Similar to writing desks, they take up very little space while still providing all the necessities for office workers. So if you’re hoping to make the most of your limited office space, floating desks are the way to go.

Executive Desk

If your job requires a lot of complex materials that need to be stored but regularly accessed, an executive desk is the best option for you. Executive desks feature excessive drawer storage, cupboards, and divided compartments for optimally organized materials such as documents, pencils, paperclips, books, and notecards. Although executive desks do require a lot of space, they make up for their large volume with their essential applications.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Midwest Commercial Interiors provides all kinds of office desks, chairs, and other furniture for workplaces throughout the Midwest United States. They offer interior design consultations, socially distanced office design, and cohesive furniture and decor for commercial areas. Midwest has designed office spaces for Mountain America Credit Union, eBay, Costa Vida, Chevron, Intermountain Healthcare, Utah State University, the University of Utah, Weber State University, Primary Children’s Hospital, and more. If your office building could use the touch of an experienced interior designer, call Midwest Commercial Interiors to start planning and designing your new office!

Midwest Commercial Interiors provides state-of-the-art interior design and office furniture in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Living Room Design Ideas With Sectional Sofas

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If you assumed that a sectional sofa is one of the more contemporary sofa designs, you are mistaken. This versatile piece of furniture has been around since the Victorian era. Although it used to look a lot different from its modern-day counterpart, it consisted of two or more sitting pieces that were pushed together to create a single long upholstered seating area. It was until the 1950s rolled in that the sectional sofas became more mainstream. Since then it has been through various transformations in the form of padding, upholstery, the height of the back. In fact, some of the modern sectional sofas include an additional pull-out bed hidden beneath the cushions. As you can see, the L shape sofa is here to stay after the various transformations it has been through. A glance at some of the durable and top-notch sectional sofa models on the Wakefit website is proof of this.

Sectional sofas or couches are slightly different from traditional sofas as it consists of multiple independent pieces that are arranged in different positions to arrive at a seating plan that you prefer. While traditional sofas can seat three or four people, the sectional sofa seats a minimum of seven people comfortably, making a huge improvement in seating space. Sectional sofas come in either L or U-wrap-around shapes. While both shapes are suited to rectangular and square-shaped rooms the U-shape sectional sofa works best for very large rooms while L-shape sectional sofa works best for a large or medium-sized room. The best part of sectional sofas is that they can be configured like a puzzle to suit your room perfectly.

Many people remain on the fence when it comes to deciding between a sectional sofa and other sofa models. Here are a few ways to make this versatile piece of furniture work in a large open living space, a medium living room and a small living room:

Sectional Sofa In A Large Room

Sectional sofas are well suited for large rooms. It helps create a well-furnished look due to its bulky nature and sheer size. In fact, many people demarcate different areas in large living rooms with the help of a large sectional sofa. If you enjoy having friends and family over, it may be wise to buy asofa online that offers plenty of comfortable seating. It is well suited for a living room that functions as a casual as well as a formal lounging area. If you prefer a regular sofa layout, you may have to spend a lot more money and invest in several pieces to make sure the room does not appear too large. This is why interior designers always recommend sectional sofas for large living areas. People who like to host and entertain can certainly get a lot out of sectional sofas compared to other sofa models. Moreover, they can even add additional sectional units as per their seating requirements since floor space is no longer an issue!

Corner Sectional In A Medium Size Room With A Fireplace

Imagine an average-sized room that also has a fireplace that takes up one wall. Interior design experts recommend turning the fireplace into the focal point of the room. In order to create a balanced layout, you need to create a chaise configuration that is opposite the fireplace. You can also opt to mount a TV above the fireplace mantel if you wish to do so. A right chaise sofa opposite the fireplace creates a nice and cosy ambience with the TV and the fireplace as the focal point in the room. You can opt to have the sectional sofa against the wall or leave a bit of walking space behind it depending on the size of the room. If you are opting for a regular sofa layout, you may have to invest in a three-seater sofa along with two additional single-seater armchairs or a two-seater depending on the dimensions of the room. This also helps create a warm and welcoming living room. If you have a large family, the sectional sofa works well in this setting. Regardless of whether you choose a sectional sofa layout or a regular sofa layout, keeping them as the focal point helps create a living space that is friendly, open and warm.

Sectional Sofa In A Small Living Room

Consider a rectangular room that is low on square feet and also needs to cater to a dining table. With space becoming an expensive commodity, many apartments have a similar layout. Well, if you were to opt for a sectional sofa, it also doubles as a space demarcation. This helps clearly mark the lounging and dining areas without the need for a room divider. This can be a godsend if you work from home and need to create mental boundaries in your living space. If you were to opt for other sofa models, you may have to invest in a two-seater sofa along with an additional single-seater. This is the only way you can demarcate separate areas in the room. So although the floor space is taken up by two pieces of furniture, the seating space available will be comparatively less.

Another reason the sectional sofa works in this situation is that it helps create an open floor plan that offers better flow between the two distinct areas in the room. You can opt for a sectional sofa with a left chaise or a right chaise depending on the focal point in the living room. Although the sectional sofa may make your room appear smaller, it is perfect to entertain guests or kick back your feet and enjoy binge-watching your favourite shows.

It is obvious from the above scenarios that the sectional sofa suits any living room scenario. It is time to buy a top-quality sectional sofa set online and give your living room a makeover. Since the living room is by extension a representation of you and your family, you need to put in a bit of effort to create a room that is welcoming and warm.

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Chair cushions: four common types of design that suits your style and taste?

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When buying decorative chair cushions, you need to think about the environment, taking into account every aspect of your room and how the pieces of decoration will make sense in the room. The Wicker Chair Cushions, besides having the functionality of making the seat more comfortable, are also an addition to the chair’s look. So, it is necessary to choose a cushion model that is in tune with the environment. Among the options for chair cushions there are countless styles, and if you want to learn how to use this item.

Futon chair cushion

The futon cushion model is one of the options, and has also been one of the most used models. The square style with seams matches any dining table. To maintain harmony, the bet is to use the same pattern, thus maintaining the style in the composition of the table. These same colors appear in the decoration of the dining room.

Floral chair cushion

The floral type cushion has side ruffles and the colors give more prominence to the chairs, which may follow the same style as the dining table. The colorful chairs give a more cheerful touch to the environment. In choosing the cushions, the bet is to make a mix of prints, using versions with stripes and floral print. 

Striped cushion for chairs

For those who are afraid of prints, stripes are wild cards for any environment. Here, the tones will determine the right choice, which should be harmonious with the rest of the environment. Taking kitchen decor into consideration, the cushions can be striped in lighter or darker shades (pink, yellow, brown, red or black).

Patchwork: new style

For those who like the patchwork style, this technique can also be used in chair cushions. The mix of colors is predominant and is not restricted only to the pieces of fabric that make up the cushion, which give more prominence to the cushions. Another suggestion to use colored cushions in the patchwork style is with neutral chairs.

Round cushions

If you have a balcony decorated with a small table and chairs, you can bet on the use of round cushions to make the seats more comfortable. For those who like covers with more volume, the suggestion is cushions with ruffles. If the idea is to use a more cheerful decoration for the balcony, bet on the colorful cushions. You can use printed and cheerful fabric, which makes the balcony even more cheerful.

Important aspects to consider

Setting up a decoration for the room is not easy. It is no use just buying items that you like but, in the end, they don’t make sense together. And with chair cushions it is no different. Everything needs to be complementary and, when choosing the items that will compose the environment, it is necessary to analyze it as a whole. First, you need to ensure that the decorative chair cushions match the rest of the room, mixing color palettes and overlapping textures, to transform a simple environment into something warm and inviting. All of this may seem a bit complex in theory.

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Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Kitchen Island Lights


A kitchen island is an important place in a home. It is used for several different purposes such as a breakfast area, a cooking space, a full dining area, casual chitchat, and a food preparation space.

Due to the versatility of the space, it becomes important to choose the right lighting fixture for the kitchen. In this article, we will tell you some important ways to choose the right lighting product/fixture to meet your daily kitchen needs.

Sofary is one of the best places to buy lighting fixtures and lighting products at a fraction of the price. Some of their best quality lighting products available on clearance sales are as follows:

  • 3D Colorful Glass Fireworks ART Pendant Light
  • Raindrop Island Crystal Chandelier – Pendant Light – Dining room
  • Luxury Solar System Spiral Raindrop Chandelier

Overhead Pendants

When choosing an overhead pendant form of lighting, you should take its number, and size into consideration. A large kitchen island would require a bigger or higher number of pendant lights and vice versa.

Get a projected size of the kitchen island. Compute the length and width of the space. Ideally, you would need approx. 30 Lumens per square foot to get adequate lighting. You can bring one bright pendant light or various less bright pendant lights that give you the desired brightness.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting gives you a cleaner appearance while preserving the functionality o the kitchen space. This type of light is perfect for low ceilings. To install this lighting fixture, you would need to consider its housing that holds the trim, and bulb.

You can choose from different types of housing available in the market such as new construction housing, shallow ceiling housing, slope ceiling housing, airtight housing, etc. Also choose the right trim from available choices such as eyeball trim, wall wash trim, and ribbed trim. Small 3- or 5-inch recessed lights are ideal to offer focused lighting.


When planning to install a chandelier, you should ensure that the design should match the overall decoration of your room. Do not overpower the key areas of the kitchen island such as the kitchen island, the hood, and the backsplash. The next big consideration when choosing a chandelier is its size.

It should not be very large or too small compared to the size of your kitchen. Chandelier lighting fixture comes in numerous styles and features. The one you choose should be attractive and complement the style of your existing kitchen.

Under-cabinet LEDs

This is the perfect lighting fixture if you are looking for ambient lighting. Such type of lighting comes in the form of LED panels or strips that cast a soft light throughout the kitchen island. The purpose of these lights is to keep the area illuminated when not in use. 

The right places to install these lighting fixtures are below the kitchen island counter or kitchen cabinets that lies near to the floor.


Regardless of the lighting option, you select, it should effectively meet your needs such as cooking, food preparation, dining, and anything else. Also, the lighting fixture you select should maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen island and complements its overall decor.

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How much should I budget for office furniture?

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Office furniture, like most things, can have a wide range of prices. It is important to have a budget so that you know exactly what your limits are. You can make a big impact on how much you spend by knowing what your priorities are. How much should I budget for office furniture? Here are some tips for helping you find the answers.

Office furniture is an important part of any business. It makes the work process much easier and more comfortable for all parties involved. Your employees will appreciate comfortable chairs when working in their cubicles. Your customers may enjoy the cleanliness of an organized office and reception areas. For business owners, it’s about the bottom line – making more money with fewer resources.


Your budget will help you establish how much you can spend on each individual item. For example, if you’re only spending $100 a month on computers, you know you’ll have enough money to cover all the needs of your employees. But, if you want to add a computer room to your business for up to a thousand dollars, you might not have enough in your budget to do that. If you aren’t keeping good track of your finances, you could be overspending by several thousand dollars. And, you may end up paying for less than you really need to.

If you have a clear picture of how much you should spend for each expense, you’ll be better able to manage your budget. But, it is equally important to determine how much you should spend for each category of expense. That’s why it’s so important to do your budget on paper first. Then, come back to the budget later to check whether you’ve saved more money elsewhere. That way, you can change your habits that can help you save more money.

Most business owners tend to forget about taxes, and that could mean that they’re getting richer at the expense of their customers. When people see a business that’s paying its bills on time, they assume that it must be doing well. And that impression can keep other people from helping out. So, if you don’t properly prepare your budget, you might be keeping money in your customers’ pockets instead of your own. That is one reason why many entrepreneurs choose to hire professionals who prepare personal Budgets, as well as business Budgets.

If you need help with your budget, there are lots of places to go. One of them is the Certified Financial Planning Association, or CFPAA. Here, you can find an entire list of organizations that provide budgeting advice to people of all ages, sizes, income levels, etc. If you want a more informal approach, there are websites like the one mentioned above that give general office furniture budget information as well as more specific information about businesses and personal budgets. Either way, you’ll want to get some experts’ advice before you set your budget.

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Standing Desks Are Good To Use At Work

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There are many people who use standing desks nowadays for work purposes. It is not only suitable for the office culture but also for the students who study for late hours in their room. It can be a convenient option to choose which also reduces health problems among people of all age groups. Most of the people stand throughout the day while they are working. It is not a good health habit with restricted body movement.

Use standing desks

Using a standing desk can be an effective way out for maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle. It allows a person to stand comfortably and work on his computer. There are different modern versions of these disks and they are adjustable according to your height. The adjustable desk is often known to have different benefits that are suitable for people who are working for long hours.

Good for health

Standing desks are known to reduce the back pain of the workers. It provides a significant improvement in lower back pain and after using standing desks, one can expect beneficial results. Besides reducing back pain, it also improves the energy level. For those who are using a standing desk, they tend to be more creative than other persons. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and lower blood sugar level. It is important to understand that with a good and adjustable standing desk, you can make sure to have a good habit of working. You can even take some rest in between while you are standing and working. These are some of the health benefits that make the use of standing desks more popular.


Standing desks are also portable. You can use it wherever you go and attach it according to your own preference. It helps to make your life easier and you can expect to perform better by using days. Most of the users use standing desks because of their health advantages and benefits. The quality of the standing desk is also important and that depends on the price and the company of it. You can check the various models and designs of the standing desk that are available online. It needs to be of good material so that you can expect good durability after investing in a good standing desk. It can be a great product to use for office and home if you want to be productive and have a good working experience.

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