Pursuing creative hobbies is an important part of our lives. Outside of our work and rest, we seek the engagement of crafts, skills, and collections, so that we can enjoy our time and feel fulfilled. Many creative pursuits require their own space. This may manifest itself as storage for materials, such as a painter’s tools and canvases, or as space to work, such as floor space for practising dance moves. Typically, people have turned to renting spaces or, alternatively, they have found dedicated space within the home.

These options have their advantages and disadvantages. A rented space is excellent for a loud activity or one that requires heavier tools, such as is required by musicians and joiners. However, they can be expensive and require travel to access them. A room within a home may cost little and require no travel, however, it is often unsuitable for more intensive activities and it can impose on others living there too.

Responding to this dichotomy, more people are turning to their garden spaces. As it becomes more simple and, importantly, more cost-effective, building small outhouses, shed, or log cabins in gardens is becoming increasingly popular.

Depending on your current garden space, you can easily build or buy a small outdoor construct for your home. Even a shed can become a potential home for your creative pursuit, instead of basic storage space. There are few building restrictions that come into consideration unless you are needing a particularly large space and cabins can be quickly established at a low cost.

Once you have your space, it is endlessly versatile. Some choose to soundproof their garden space and use it as a recording studio while others install large gym equipment, that would be too cumbersome and intrusive inside the home, and use the space as a personal gym. The initial costs soon become negligible, especially when considering the cost of a gym membership or renting a studio space elsewhere. Additionally, some people are even choosing to make money from their garden studios. Creative classes, such as for writing or yoga, can be hosted inside, making your cabin a source of income.

Not only will can the indoor space be inspirational, but outside too and, with design flair and the right materials, your garden can become a wonderful environment to nurture your creative spark. Windows can be surrounded by flowers, trees can be grown to hush the sounds of traffic, and ponds can be built to host wildlife.

Many claim that, psychologically, it is extremely useful to have a place outside of the home too. Those who work from home often feel the need to leave or spend time outside to keep their minds refreshed. It works the same for creative pursuits and even a short stroll to the bottom of the garden is enough to help one feel disconnected from the regularity of home life.

If you have a creative pursuit or hobby, as well as some garden space, it is worth considering utilising your outdoor area. Not only will it support your development but it may also take your hobby to new heights, even earning you money!


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