Deck for floors: Elegance for the terrace:

In the architecture industry, a deck is a flat surface that is able to support the weight. It looks like a floor but it is constructed outdoors typically.

The term deck is used as a synonym for terraces built outdoors, generally of natural wood, but it can also be an imitation. It looks great on small patios, decks, or walk-through areas in the garden.

The Decking builder Newcastle provides a natural, harmonious and modern look to any patio or garden. We advise you with this complete guide so that you know the different alternatives we have for your home.

Characteristics and types of deck flooring:

The deck floor is the coating used outdoors to build terraces and pool edges. It is a floor made of boards, which can have different heights, very stable, and durable.

There are natural Decking builder Newcastle and cellulose plastic, it is important to define the characteristics and conditions to which it will be exposed to choose one of these materials.

Natural wood deck floor:

It can be made of cedar, pine, incense, and eucalyptus. Conifers are mostly used, due to their resistance to humidity, but a protective treatment must be applied to prevent the formation of fungi, the attack of insects, and increase the useful life of the wood outdoors.

WPC deck flooring:

It is an element composed of cellulose and plastic, which allows the board to have excellent technical characteristics, providing long life and low maintenance. It is easy to install, robust, and resistant material.

One of its faces has a wood texture, which provides great aesthetic value. The decking builder Newcastle is ideal for terraces and pool edges since it avoids the risks of slipping even when the floor is wet.

This type of material does not have to be applied any protector, it supports humidity, chlorine, direct sun, and sea air very well. It does not rot, discolor, and does not nest termites. In wooden floor options Black Oak Flooring can be best option for your deck floor as it can give you best quality with low maintenance and high durability.

Concrete deck floor:

They are concrete planks with a wood texture. One of their characteristics is that they do not require maintenance, which makes them ideal for outdoor use and they are fireproof. Each plank has iron armor inside it, like reinforced concrete.

Deck floor in palmettes:

They are palmettes that are built with walnut boards. The layout of the decking builder Newcastle is the same as in the deck installation, they even have a separation between each one. These studs can be installed over an existing plate, ceramic, or gravel floors.