Before we start with this list, we would like to make one thing clear.And is that if you are looking for a smallestdehumidifier as a cheap option to a dehumidifier, you will probably be disappointed. They will not dramatically reduce the humidity in your home. To make a noticeable difference in a particular room, you should make sure that the doors and windows are completely closed. These appliances will collect an average of 0.5 liters of water every 2-3 days, compared to the 2 liters a day that a normal dehumidifier can collect.

What they are designed for is to be used in places that are not very large, such as bathrooms, offices, closets, (closed) terraces, etc.

If what you are really looking for is a good dehumidifier of normal size and suitable for much larger spaces, we highly recommend our list of best smallest dehumidifier.

Another smallest dehumidifier that will serve for small spacesyou will probably read that you can use it in spaces of about 15m² or so, but I remember that you have to take it with tweezers. They are “mini” format, so they may not give the results that everyone expects for these surfaces.

Functions of this smallest dehumidifier

With this model we can speak of somewhat larger spaces than with the previous one. Obviously, it’s still a smallest dehumidifier, so “slightly larger” can mean 4-5m² more. For severe cases of humidity, we will continue to have the same problem, lack of power. An example that many clients put is that, in a 15m² room with 80% humidity, this appliance can reduce it by up to 70% in a couple of days or less.

To operate it will be as simple as pressing a button. Again we are faced with a selection of null programs. Neither calculates the ambient humidity, nor regulates the power, or anything. These devices are very simple, thus helping to conserve their small size. When it is on, a light with the word “On” under it will illuminate. Beneath that light is the one that tells us that the water tank is completely full.

The appliance stops working automatically when the water tank is full. To give you an idea, on average, the deposit may take 2-3 days to fill. It all depends on the conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, etc.


As with the previous one, this one is very quiet and can be perfectly kept in the same room where there are people sleeping. It produces such a minimal noise that it does not disturb at all or interrupt sleep. Although of course, it all depends on the sensitivity of each person at bedtime. Your water tank usually takes, on average, 2-3 days to fill. In addition, it is very easy to remove.

Final assessment

As we can see if we have reached this part of the article, these devices do not differ much from each other? What changes most from one to the other is the design, and sometimes not even that.

As a final assessment of this specific model, we could say that it may be a better option than that of Fin ether, but it is not that we were enthusiastic either.


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