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Sunderland Decking is undoubtedly one of the best options we have to take advantage of outdoor spaces. They give a modern and elegant touch in areas such as gardens, patios, terraces, or balconies. They are usually of any size and definitely transform the environment. 

Many times, we do not realize that the perfect place to relax with our favorite book, a positive meditation in the morning, delicious breakfast on a sunny day, or a beautiful romantic dinner in the light of the moon, is in our garden.

Having that terrace of your dreams can be very easy, just have Sunderland Decking that is in harmony with your space. And reflects your personality to make it to your liking. Then you must choose the correct materials and take into account aspects that will give your new terrace a long life and save you worry.

We want to help you and provide answers to the most frequent questions you may have when building your dream deck:

1. Check warranties for the products and materials used:

One of the biggest long-term costs of a deck is maintenance. Try to lean towards materials and woods that require low maintenance. We specialize in always providing you with the most durable and resistant materials, which will also allow you to calmly enjoy your Sunderland Decking, reducing maintenance to basic cleaning. 

2. Plan your deck:

In this step, you must choose the materials of your terrace, either Woods or Plastic Wood. Choose your favorite wood tone and the size of your deck according to the space you have. Other aspects to consider are the location of the stands or access to the deck and the way it will be lit at night, in order to make it versatile for social celebrations.

3. Invest in a substructure:

Choose for your Sunderland Decking or terrace, an appropriate substructure to support its weight, and also take into account aspects such as stability and durability over time.

4. Choose some nice railings:

That supports the good taste of your terrace, it will be the first thing that guests will notice from your deck.

5. Add plugins:

Choose your favorite decorative elements such as furniture, plants, or ornaments to create the perfect complement to your space.

6. Enjoy yourself:

Use your Sunderland Decking to enjoy some time of relaxation outdoors, in the company of a good book, with family or friends, any excuse will be good to have a good time on your new deck or terrace.


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