Polypropylene Vinyl Carpet

The polypropylene carpet is a variant of the new generation of vinyl carpets I have recently spoken to.

They have many virtues, but the one that stands out the most is their versatility: Unimat  can be said that polypropylene rugs are the versatile rugs par excellence. And who says versatile says multipurpose, multipurpose, or all-purpose mat.

And suppose you think that this all-purpose carpet is a kind of euphemism to say that it is a type of basic carpet and limited range. In that case, it is not like this at all. As we will see, polypropylene vinyl rugs are helpful both for the living room and the terrace or rooms, for classic or minimalist decorations and luxurious or straightforward environments.

Braided Polypropylene Rug

And there are types of rugs that, however practical and beautiful they are, are pretty monotonous and offer few variants, like those painters who always use the same color palette.

On the other hand, polypropylene vinyl rugs are like that musician who plays both rap and a bolero, a blues and a polka, an aria from an opera or a rock roll in the town square.

Strong, Braided, And Malleable Vinyl Yarn

And that is so because the only thing they all have in common, their common thread, is precisely their thread. Polypropylene vinyl rugs are braided with a fine thread made from the same material from which the famous and non-combustible vinyl rugs are made.

Except that the yarn is so delicate and malleable that it can be braided in a thousand ways, like a conventional rug. It is like rice, which can be served loose or broth, dry or with sauces, alone or in the company of seafood: welcome to the kingdom of versatility made carpet.

Custom Polypropylene Carpet

What is the unique advantage of the versatility of polypropylene vinyl rugs? It consists in that, although there are other types of equally versatile rugs, polypropylene rugs are the ones that allow us to take advantage of all the advantages that are exclusive to them: their resistance, impermeability, tolerance to water, and ease of cleaning.