What is Involved With a Decomposed Body Cleanup Winston Salem NC?

Scenes of violent crimes are not always discovered until some time has passed. In like manner, it’s possible for someone who lives alone to pass away and the death go undetected for several days. By the time someone discovers what’s taken place, the body is already decomposing. That means hiring a firm that can manage the decomposed body cleanup Winston Salem NC with a combination of competency and compassion. How do they manage this type of task? Here are some examples of what the right cleanup service will do.

Taking Proper Precautions

Protection from bacteria is a priority when it comes to cleaning any site where a body is present. Before initiating the cleaning, the technicians will select cleaning equipment, including the right cleaning agents. There will also be clothing, masks, and other essentials that help to prevent exposure to all biohazards. This preparation allows the team to move efficiently through all the steps related to the cleanup. 

Removing the Body From the Scene

The exact approach to decomposed body cleanup Winston Salem NC will depend a great deal on the state of the body itself. If it’s relatively intact, it may be possible to gently lift the body into a containment bag, seal it, and then use a gurney or stretcher to transport if to a waiting ambulance. If the state of decomposition is more pronounced, retrieving the body using more containers may be necessary. Whatever the state of decomposition, the goal is to handle the body with respect and care. 

Disposing of Porous Materials 

In general, any porous materials that have come in contact with body fluids should be disposed of responsibly. Carpeting, drywall, unsealed concrete, and wood flooring are some examples of porous materials that need to go. This is because the materials absorb body fluids and retain bacteria. 

Keep in mind that there may also be the need to get rid of pieces like upholstered furniture. Mattresses and similar furnishings may also need to go. The team managing the cleaning will know how to dispose of these materials in a safe manner. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting All Remaining Elements in the Space

Once materials that cannot be cleaned are removed, the team begins to clean all remaining elements. This ensures there are no lingering traces of body fluids or anything else that could carry bacteria. The team continues until every square inch of the scene is disinfected and there are no remaining signs that death occurred within the space. 

Checking for Any Remaining Signs of Biological Material

Even after the body is removed and space is cleaned thoroughly, one last inspection is necessary. The goal is to ensure that nothing was overlooked. Even something as simple as a tiny blood splatter on a section of wallpaper represents a potential biohazard. The team of technicians does not consider the work completed until they’re satisfied that nothing is left to harm anyone. 

Typical household cleaning methods are not sufficient when the space is the site of an unattended death or death by way of a violent crime. This is especially true when the body is not discovered for some time. Never attempt to manage the task on your own. Call a cleaning company that has experience with biohazards and leave the work in their capable hands.