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Life In Lisbon – The Beautiful City Of Portugal.

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Lisbon is one of the most sought for city in Portugal. Expats consider living in Lisbon as a dream.

Other than being more affordable and peaceful than rest of the European capitals, the beautiful weather with endless sunshine and pleasant winters and proximity to the spectacular Tagus river, a river that looks like a sea and shelters  mighty wildlife and the Atlantic coastline makes it the choice of place for everyone.

The city is a perfect blend of culture, nature, upcoming opportunities, friendly people and not to forget affordable living. Lisbon offers you an interesting life with the range of beautifully built houses, cafes, restaurants etc. Other than the living quality the building quality also speaks for itself. One of Lisbon’s best window shop at Cascais, LOJA DAS JANELAS, that has a wide variety of quality PVC Rehau windows, glass from the very best Saint Gobain has assisted to beatify many of these structures.

The summer months in Portugal ask for solar control windows for homes to optimize the quantity of sunlight entering your house. For students, professionals and otherwise also you will find buildings with acoustic/sound proof windows. Different sizes and shapes of buildings and cultural structures make this city a beautiful visit and stay too.

To play its role to preserve the environment and for the necessary encouragement of economic activity in Portugal, plus not putting up any additional burden on the citizens, the Portuguese Government even introduced a reimbursement scheme for the replacement of normal windows by energy-efficient windows in previous homes to the end of 2006. Since then the beauty of the city has increased.

The well known five-mile ride in the little yellow street cars is the coolest (and cheapest) way to see the city. The trams gallop through a trail of historic neighborhoods providing breathtaking scenes for the sightseers. Just a few metro stops from the old city’s historical streets, you reach up to the broad modern avenues of Alva lade where you can drink coffee and shop till you drop!


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