Bathroom Flooring Options

Nothing can change the looks and feel of a bathroom quite like good quality, well placed flooring. Flooring that has yellowed with age or chipped wear detracts from any improvements. If you have made the effort to replace the sink and faucet with updated models flooring must be the next step.

There was a time when carpet in the bathroom was en vogue. Home owners liked the idea of walking on carpet instead of cold tile in the middle of the night. Years later they would learn bow much bacteria gets trapped between the carpet and the sub-floor. No only is that unhealthy for your feet but for the sub floor itself.

A better option for the bathroom floor is tile. It comes in large and small sizes, depending on kind of design you are looking for. Some people might choose large, plain white tiles and then decorate the bathroom with splashes of color elsewhere. A different choice would be choosing tiles that make some type of pattern. A great thing about tile is that it can be extended into the shower and provide continuity to both areas. The down side of tile is that it does require skill to cut and lay properly and it’s more expensive than some alternatives.

A less expensive alternative is linoleum. This extremely durable flooring was invented by Frederick Walton in 1855. This type of flooring comes in a roll. It’s cut to fit nearly any shape or size. Cost and relative ease are the advantages of this type of flooring. It’s very common and used in many new homes, office buildings and other commercial areas. It doesn’t look as nice as tile does, however. But each year, new advances make it harder and harder to tell what kind of flooring you are looking at. Each year, linoleum because more fashion forward.

Another choice, which seems counterintuitive for the bathroom, is wood. It is by far the most expensive but arguably the most beautiful too. Traditional wood used for flooring is pine, oak or redwood. It is laid piece by piece in a tongue and groove method and then nailed or glued into place. The new product being utilized for bathrooms and kitchens everywhere is bamboo. This wood is used to water-filled areas. And while it won’t tolerate being left underwater for extended periods of time, wood especially treated for flooring will handle the occasional spill or splash.