What Are The Advantages Of ADUs Over Tiny Houses?

Get To Know The Advantages Of Building ADUs As Compared To Tiny Houses

An idea of ​​the past, accessory dwelling units were very popular in the 1940s. These units lost their importance and enthusiasm shortly after World War II ended. ADUs or accessory dwelling units are now back. These units are often referred to as “granny flats” and provide a level of privacy and independence within a home.

Building such a unit can help homeowners maximize their space while saving money. Our Done Right Home Remodeling contractors will make sure of this for you. Read on to find the top 7 reasons to consider adding an ADU to your home.

  1. Private accommodation for guests

When family or guests are in town for long periods of time, having private rooms separate from the main house provides privacy for both parties. Having a separate kitchen, living room, and bedroom for your guests allows for minimal disruption to your daily routine.

If you have elderly parents or grandparents, a separate ADU allows you to spend time together while keeping your own schedule. This option is usually much more attractive than placing them in a nursing home.

Depending on the site plan, if the ADU and main residence are organized around a common outdoor space, it can be a great way to spend evenings outdoors and allow each group to retire to their own rooms in the evening.

  1. Rental income: short and long term

Having an ADU on your property allows you to generate additional income from the property. The deal can be structured to generate long-term recurring rental income or short-term rental income to help cover your expenses.

If you live in a vacation destination city, you have the opportunity to generate short-term rental income from your ADU.

  1. Low-cost housing for adult children

In many areas where the cost of living is exceptionally high, having a separate ADU on your property can be a great place for your adult children to stay while they attend college.

It allows a separate space for your adult child to start gaining some independence and saving money. This can be a great springboard during times of transition in their lives.

  1. Separate space to work

If you’re running a home business, having a separate structure to work in can improve productivity and focus. Using the ADU as an art studio, workshop or office allows you to have a separate space for client meetings and can create a more professional environment than a home office in your primary residence.

Having an ADU on your property to work also eliminates commuting and wasted time in traffic.

Instead of spending money on office rent each month, put that money toward building an ADU.

With the correct planning, landscaping, and site design, there may be options to completely separate your primary residence from your ADU.

 Having separate entrances and parking lots can help present a more professional appearance for your business. We will ensure that the workspace thus created is ideal for you.

  1. Low-cost housing for older relatives and caregivers

ADUs can be a great way to give parents and grandparents extra space while still being close by. Building an ADU for elderly parents can help keep your loved ones closer to home and allow them to participate in your daily life.

This will save money in the long run. This is an excellent option to provide older family members with the opportunity to continue living independently. This way you can stay connected with them.

  1. Increased property value and potential resale value

One of the most common motivations for homeowners to build an ADU is to increase the value of their homes. If you’re trying to sell your home and you’re not getting good deals, it may be worth building an ADU on your property. Adding a new housing structure to your lot can bring a very different buyer to the table.

  1. Sustainable Development.

Granny flats consume fewer resources and take up less space than single-family homes. Compact units require less energy to heat and cool, keeping utility costs down and reducing emissions.

Following are the benefits of tiny houses:

  1. Easy to clean

A small house with less space is easy and quick to clean. Tidying up a small house is simple and fun. There’s no need to hire help and waste money that may be better spent elsewhere. There is less space to clean up and therefore, you will not get tired. Managing daily tasks will take less time.

  1. Diet easy to streamline

When you live in a smaller house, you have less space to store food. A fridge that takes up a lot of space cannot be placed. Thus, you get a small fridge and freezer to store food.

There will be no pantry or warehouse available to store tons of food. You will have to make smart food choices for this reason. You will then be looking only for the healthiest types of food you need.

  1. Easy not to be distracted

There are not many things you can fit inside a small house. This means you won’t be distracted from more important tasks. Living in large houses makes people’s lives extravagant. They can lose focus and waste valuable time having fun.

  1. It is less expensive to live in a small house

A smaller residence requires a lower lease or mortgage payment. Keeping a small house is less expensive because you have less space to spend. Electricity bills for air conditioning and heating are lower. You’ll have more funds to save and invest in things that are important to you.


The tiny house movement is all about downsizing. The main benefit of an ADU on the other hand is that it allows you to generate additional income by having a tenant pay rent for additional living space. As a homeowner, this can be an easy way to help pay your mortgage and increase your overall financial well-being.

 In addition, ADUs offer an inexpensive way for homeowners to add additional space without purchasing or leasing land to do so.

We at Done Right Home Remodeling are here to help. The ADU contractors in Santa Clara Done Right Home Remodeling have indeed helped many through every step of the process many times.

From getting the permits, getting the floor plans right, all the inspections, and of course the construction, we do everything under our control to make sure your ADU is exactly how you want it. Give us a call if you decide to build one.


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