Using water in religious and spiritual protection

Water truly represents your life from birth to death. People found that water has a cleansing power which reaches beyond their physical body. Some of the best spiritual water is used in spiritual protection. Every religion has its own spiritual reverence for water and they use it symbolically in ceremonies. There, it is being used in different ways like:

For cleansing: The foundation of all spiritual and magical pursuits is Cleansing. It prevents you from negative energies so that they cannot interfere in your rituals. Therefore, you can use the water in bringing positive energy like luck, peace, love, happiness etc. It cleanses not only human beings but also places and tools. If you add it in mop water it will change in a potent way of transforming the energy of that space. 


  1. White lavender water cleanses your home and spread peace, harmony and happiness. 
  2. Lake water can cleanse the tools that you are going to use for ritual purpose. 
  3. Sea water is helpful in dealing with banishing, binding and other negative and difficult energies. 

Emotional healing with water: As an element water is purely associated with emotions. It is expressed in the form of tears of joy, happiness, sorrow etc. This water is helpful in healing and balancing your emotions. It gives you a sense of peace if you add it while bathing. It provides clarity, lifts clarity and also removes your mental blocks.

For attainment: Peace water helps you in attainment of peace if you used it while bathing  or you can just rub it on your body and it remains for a long period after bathing. It helps you to overcome the obstacles that stop you from achieving your goals. 

Protection: It can be used as a potent tool that helps you in spiritual defense. A stone can be eroded by little raindrops or a boat can swamp in craving waves which shows that water is really powerful. Many people believe that if they sprinkle it in front of their door it will keep their house safe from their enemies or negative energies.