Practical tips to keep in mind when designing small bathrooms:

In the Wet room installation Newcastle, the trend in recent years to reduce the size of bathrooms, sometimes in exchange for having more bathrooms. Especially in urban flats, makes the design of the bathroom a challenge to adapt them to the minimum space but meeting all our needs.

Because even though the size of the bathrooms tends to shrink, it seems that every time we ask for more and in addition to fulfilling the merely functional. And we want the bathroom to be an intimate but comfortable space. 

Replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower integrated into the floor:

Replacing the bathtub with a shower has many advantages; ensures easy access to the shower area, rapid water drainage, very simple cleaning -since there are solutions with practical anti-hair filters in the collector area. 

As well as gaining a more sense of space by keeping the floor continuous and without interruptions. A transparent screen with a sliding door is the great ally of this option.

Light and sanitary colors and furniture raised from the floor:

Choosing light colors for both the walls and the floor and the surfaces of the furniture helps our senses perceive the space larger and provide more light to a small room. 

Raising both the toilets and the furniture off the ground is another ‘must’ in the conquest of space. Not only is it a more spacious feeling, but the floor is also very easy to clean as it is free of obstacles and hard-to-reach corners.

‘2 in 1’ solutions:

While designing Wet room installation Newcastle, it is important to keep 2 in 1 solution in mind. Innovative wet room products such as smart toilets or bidet toilets, which incorporate the bidet water wash functions into the toilet, are another proposal for those who love to use the bidet but do not have enough space in their bathroom.

A practical ‘2-in-1’ solution to avoid having to give up the unbeatable feeling of well-being of intimate hygiene with water, even if the bathroom is very small.

Contrasts and large illuminated mirrors:

To avoid that the bathroom of (we remember minimalist style and in light tones) does not have a flat design, ‘boring’ and without contrasts. 

In the Wet room installation Newcastle, the expert recommends us to finish off the design of the reform by choosing large mirrors with direct and indirect LED lighting that get interesting lighting effects, enlarge the space and create very personal environments.