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If you use a realtor while purchasing real estate, especially pre construction ones, you derive many benefits. A realtor or known as a platinum agent has vast knowledge about real estate, which is pretty helpful in your investment plan. Through them, you get precise, valuable information, which proves fruitful to your investment plan. You can see the proposed building, floor plans, incentives, and promotions. As the agents work in the real estate sector for years, they gather specialized, profound knowledge about the industry. From them, you as a client get first-hand information about ongoing prices, promotions, and incentives the builders are offering.

With knowledge and expertise, the real estate agents provide vital statistics to you, influencing your investment plan.

 They can give an exact estimation of the prevailing condo price of the area and probable rent rate if you want to let out the condo after the final closer. With this vital information, you can calculate the return on investment (ROI) effortlessly. A seasoned broker guides you through every step, so you feel more confident while you sign the purchase and sale agreement. The real agent can explain the numerous benefits you get in purchasing pre construction condos, like low down payments spreading over many months.

Gateway to Canada

Mississauga is considered as the gateway to Canada. The city attracts thousands of tourists from the world, as the city has a thriving, pulsating life style, with multi cultural communities. In 1986, this city’s population was a mere 172,000, which increased significantly to 721,600 in 2016. The population is expected to grow, so the housing sector to accommodate new citizens. Many new condos Mississaugaare coming up, as the average price of pre construction condos rose to $342,900 in 2017, an inverse of 14% from the previous year. Though real estate development continues in the area, the developers are keen to preserve the ecological balance and conserving the parklands. When you settle in this beautiful town, you can enjoy the greenery, lushness as there are over five hundred parks and open spaces in the city. 

Amid the greenery, the city has the largest airport in the country, three busiest highways, and train stations. Mississauga’s local transportation is well organized with dedicated traffic lanes so that you can cycle safely and securely. Buying pre construction condos in Mississauga paves the way for appreciation of the property, hence your net worth.


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