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The Average Life Span of a Standard Toilet Seat vs. Soft Closing

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Toilet seats are an essential part of every bathroom. Therefore, you need to take your time choosing the right one for your needs. Otherwise, you will have to put up with a noisy flusher, a slamming lid, and a tacky seat. Toilets also wear out after some time. Therefore, before splurging on a custom model, consider the amount of cash you will have to cough up for replacement. Ordinary toilet seats are quite affordable and last for a considerable amount of time. While it is functional, sometimes you need to splurge and enjoy the comforts of having a custom toilet seat.

What do you do when your toilet seat is giving you a headache? The solution is quite simple. You have to upgrade to a soft close toilet seat. These toilet seats close on their own when you push them down or tap gently. While gravity makes it move downward, the hinges control the force of gravity, preventing the lid from slamming. Read on to find out the benefits you get from the slow close toilet seats.

Minimal Noise

Are you tired of the slamming noise of your standard toilet seat? Then it is time for an upgrade. Soft-close seats have special hinges that can control the force of gravity. Therefore, the lead lands without slamming or causing a loud clatter. Ordinary seats are quite noisy if you lose your grip when closing. Slow close seats are perfect for families with young children who may have trouble closing the lid. Besides, they ensure privacy in the bathrooms. Especially in the silence of the night, a slamming toilet seat can disturb those sleeping. Therefore, if your household uses the bathroom frequently at night. You should upgrade to avoid disturbances at night.

Easy to Maintain

Soft-close seats have a quick-release function, which enables quick and thorough cleaning. The quick-release allows the removal of the seat. Therefore, you can scrub the toilet with ease. A soft close toilet seat is made from vinyl, which is resistant to bacteria. There is no risk of mould build-up, and there is no need of cleaning daily. Ordinary seats are usually prone to mould or mildew and require frequent cleaning to avoid infections.

Safe to Use

Some ordinary toilet seats have heavy leads and may cause injuries to small children by trapping their fingers. However, with soft-close seats, accidents are rare because the toilet closes at a controlled rate. Slamming toilet seats also cause damage to the toilet bowl. Therefore, investing in a slow close toilet protects your children from injuries and prolongs the lifespan of the toilet bowl.

Easy to Install

Nowadays, new toilets have a slow-close seat fitted. However, you can also install a soft-close seat to any bathroom. The process is straightforward, and with a screwdriver, you can finish the installation by yourself. Removal of the seats is also simple and won’t give you any trouble. Click here to find the best replacement toilet seats.

A soft-close seat provides great comfort for your bathrooms. Therefore, you should consider installing it soon.

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10 tips to keep your commercial property in top form

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Owning a commercial property comes with many joys and challenges. You need to generate a sustainable income from the property. However, what do you do when the building is getting old? The best thing to do is to improve the structure and the interior designs through remodelling. With the following tips, you can keep your commercial property in great shape.

1. Install New Doors

The entrance is the first thing people notice about a house. Therefore, if the front door is a little rusty, installing a new door refreshes the look of the whole property. If a door is not in your budget, a fresh coat of paint and renewing the door hardware will do the trick.

2. Energy Upgrades

Energy bills can skyrocket if you do not pay attention to energy consumption. As the commercial building owner, you need to carry out an energy audit and find ways to save money on utility expenses. You may need to swap out the old bulbs for energy savers. You can also replace insulation in your windows, doors, and the roof.

3. Upgrade Flooring

Old floors ruin the appearance of a beautiful house. You should consider a more durable flooring option. Hardwood floors are excellent, but it may be costly to install in a commercial building. You should find commercial carpets. They are stylish and can stand the test of time. Visit Tretford Carpets to learn more about commercial carpets.

4. Add a New Coat of Paint

If the paintings in the rooms are fading, it is time to repaint the whole building. New colour hides blemishes and makes the building appealing. However, do not go to wild with the colour selection. Stick to neutral tones or monochrome colours.

5. Improve the Lighting

Those old bulbs are making your building dark and uninviting. You should upgrade the lighting fixtures and bulbs. Forget the regular bulbs and go with LED for better lighting. Besides, you should install emergency lighting systems like a backup generator.

6. Add Safety Features

Safety and security should be a priority in any commercial building. Therefore, safety fixtures need to be in good shape. Some essential safety measures include an emergency exit door, fire detectors, and exit signs.

7. Prioritise Remodels

Commercial buildings need constant renovation to remain in good shape. Apart from essential maintenance, you should remodel the exterior of the building annually. You can change the ceiling and repaint the exterior walls.

8. Be Keen on Pest Control

Dealing with pest infestation is annoying and frustrating. Besides, you may have to incur additional expenses to exterminate the pest, and you will inconvenience the tenants. Therefore, you should have someone do a pest audit and recommend pest prevention methods.

9. Timely Maintenance

Do not take too long to fix a maintenance issue. You need to keep the tenants happy all year long. Therefore, those elevators, bathrooms, and HVAC units must be in excellent working condition at all times.

10. Keep Your Security in Check

Ensure you install state-of-the-art security in your commercial building. It will keep the tenants safe at all times. Consider installing reinforced doors at the entrance and a security alarm system.

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Offsite Construction – What are the benefits?

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The Benefits of Offsite Construction

Offsite construction has been in practice for quite some time now but is gaining much popularity in recent times. It entails the fabrication of designed modular buildings offsite before shipping them to the destination required. This method of construction has proven to be quite helpful with a new offsite construction firm being started almost daily to cater to the demand that is there. In this post, we take a look into the incredible benefits of offsite construction.


Most construction sites are not customized to operate as an offsite construction factory or site meaning there are so many safety hazards around to the workmen and those living in the vicinity. Aspects such as weather which is not predictable and visibility are some of the things that make it more risking working from the physical construction site. Accidents caused by construction equipment occur quite often in most onsite construction projects. An offsite construction site is customized into a complete construction environment. All factors and working conditions remain constant making it easy to do risk analysis and take necessary action to make it safe for all those working there.

Efficiency and sustainability

Offsite construction factories or sites are equipped with all that is necessary to do successful construction for modular buildings. At offsite construction sites, all workmen are present at the same time and have access to all that is necessary machinery to do a thorough and satisfying job. Fabrication and construction conditions are maintained at constant eliminating mitigating aspects such as weather and visibility which interfere with the integrity of the construction. If you are looking to get a modular building of the right quality, then it is better having the construction done offsite.


Again it all trickles down to working conditions remaining constant and the availability of construction equipment and machinery all at one place. The construction process is the same either offsite or onsite but there is more work to onsite such as leveling of land, creating space to store equipment including operating of construction machinery and safeguarding the construction area from access by unauthorized persons. With all these liabilities eliminated, offsite construction delivers constructions of perfect quality and within very a much-reduced timeframe.


Offsite construction requires less labour compared to onsite construction which is a huge relieve on expenditure. Other costs such as transportation of construction equipment and machinery are scrapped off the budget since everything that needed is present at the factory. There is also no cost of controlling effects of natural occurrences such as weather change which makes offsite construction a very way cheaper.

Reduced disruptions to residents

Construction in general even at the offsite factory produces a lot of noise which is undesirable to many. Air pollution by trucks and construction equipment and blocking of access routes also add on to the many disruptions that affect those who live in the vicinity of the physical construction site. Avoid annoying and testing the patience of residents by doing offsite construction works. Reduce disruptions by doing offsite construction.

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How long does it take until micron hydraulic filters need changing?

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When You Need to Change the Micron Hydraulic Filters

It is common knowledge that micron hydraulic filters need to be changed to avoid any possible contamination which can result in system failure. A clogged filter leads to contamination of the micron hydraulics system and later damage to key components of the system. It is therefore important to know the right time when you need to change the filters to avoid any system break down as explained below;

1. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines

Guidelines provided by the manufacturer are based on a calculated period that the filter needs to be changed. Such guidelines are often prepared using a fixed timetable which is often based on estimates. The disadvantage of such guidelines is that at times the filters can be overdue for change and which may compromise the working of the system.

In such a case, the changing will have been overdue and contributed to more wear. The guideline might also require changing of the filter before they are fully worn out. This means you will have wasted good micron filters before maximizing on them and deriving the full benefits.

2. By using an element condition indicator

You can also use an element condition indicator to guide you on the right time that you need to change the filters. The indicator is used to measure the pressure on the filter and once it reaches a critical level, you then need to change the filter.

In such a case, the element indicators act as a guide and alert you when the filter is due for a change. The element indicators are not only useful for alerting you when you need to change the filters but also reveal any possible failure alerts. This helps you to know of an impending failure and act accordingly.

3. By using a customized preventive maintenance plan

You can also choose to have a customized maintenance plan for changing the filters. A preventive schedule will help you manage your machines with much efficiency by minimizing wear and tear. A customized maintenance schedule is meant to act as a deterrent for any downtime by allowing timely change of the hydraulic filters. This type of plan is meant to act as a preventive measure as opposed to changing the filters when downtime has already happened. This will prevent any damage from happening.

Preventive maintenance of micron hydraulics filters prevents the clogged filter problems even before it starts and promotes better running of the hydraulic system. This will prevent hydraulic contamination which is the major cause of system failure.


Micron filters require changing at the appropriate time, this is to prevent any system break down which can lead to paralysis of the working of the systems. It is therefore important to abide by the guidelines explained above to guide you on when you need to change the hydraulic filters, learn more.
You, therefore, need to choose on the best method that you find fit to change the filters so that you can derive the best benefits from the system and have value for your money.

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Tæppekøb – Kriterier For At Vælge De Perfekte Interiørelementer, Materialer og Møbler


Når du planlægger at designe dit hjems interiør, er der nogle generiske men specifikke kriterier, du bør tage dig af, især når du overvejer at investere i elementer som tæpper, lamper, møbler, osv.

Bemærk at nogle af disse kriterier er alment benyttet af ekspert interiørdesignere til at designe hjem, men du behøver ikke at være en ekspert for at gøre dette. Du kan opnå det perfekte high-end look med nogle tricks, taget fra disse interiørdesignere. Disse kriterier hjælper dig eller endda designere i udvælgelsesprocessen af bestemte interiør designelementer og materialer, såvel som hvordan de parres med de bedste møbler.

De nedenfor nævnte er simple kriterier, der kan hjælpe dig med at opbygge en relation med dine besøgende og skabe en mere inspirerende indretning. Du skal overveje, om de interiørelementer, du vælger, har disse tre kvaliteter – fasthed, egnethed og glæde. Fasthed refererer til styrken og funktionaliteten af materialet af komponenten, egnethed betyder hensigtsmæssigheden af materialer i brug, er det egnet til din brug eller ikke. Det næste element er det af glæde, hvilket betyder – har det en fornemmelse af proportion og orden – dets design bør være behageligt for øjet, æstetisk passende og balanceret.


Ethvert rum har et anvendelsesformål. Før du køber dit tæppe, er du nødt til at identificere, hvad dit element er beregnet til. Hvis du køber et børnetæppe eller et væg-til-væg tæppe for at absorbere støjen af larmende entreer (kommercielle rum) eller til soveværelset for at inducere komfort. Intentionskriteriet, når det gennemtænkes, er et hjælpsomt værktøj til at bestemme elementet og sikre dets passende og berettigede brug.


Ofte hjælper æstetikkriteriet os mod at bestemme elementet uden at have gennemtænkt de andre essentielle standarder for at designe et hjem. Dette ville være den forkerte tilgang. For at gøre dit hjem funktionelt men samtidig tilbyde en sensorisk respons fra beskueren, er du nødt til at skaffe en ting eller et tæppe, der antænder visuel og akustisk stimulering. Noget der fanger opmærksomhed øjeblikkeligt. Derfor bør du vælge farver, mønstre og teksturer, der har påvirket dig på den rigtige måde, når du kigger på et online katalog af tæpper. Det bør bringe en følelse af spænding og dramatik.

Design / funktionskriteriet

Elementet, du vil tilføje til din indretning, bør matche dets brugsfunktion i dette tilfælde. Sørg for hvis du lægger et tæppe i stuen at efterlade et indtryk hos dine gæster. Det bør have et inspirerende design, der øjeblikkeligt fanger opmærksomhed, men på samme tid, siden dine gæster vil gå på det, sørg for at det også er holdbart. Dette er funktionalitetsfaktoren. Hvis du køber et håndlavet, eksklusivt Persisk tæppe, bliver dets funktionalitet holdt ved at placere det under et glasbord for at undgå, at folk går på det. Eller en anden måde at vedligeholde dets sande skønhed og funktionalitet ville være at bruge det som vægdekoration.


Dette er den primære overvejelse, der kan influere hele dit interiørprojekt. Overvej faktorer såsom levetidsomkostninger af elementet, dets forventede holdbarhed såvel som dets grad af vedligeholdelse, og hvor længe det vil holde. Dit mål her er at analysere, om produktet er værdi for pengene og noget, der vil holde dig i den periode, du har i tankerne.

Men blot at vælge baseret på tæppets pris er ikke nok. Du er nødt til at overveje leveringsomkostningerne, installationen (hvis nogen) sammen med fremtidig vedligeholdelse, og ja hvordan dets brug ikke vil hindre den forventede levetid.

Kriterierne nævnt ovenfor er simple menneskelige faktorer, der hjælper dig med at designe et interiør, der skaber en indflydelse, prøver at opbygge en forbindelse til beskueren, og har noget at tilbyde – måske en tanke. Tjek denne tæppeforhandler kaldet TrendCarpet for nogle af de største kollektioner af tæpper tilgængelige for dig online på deres hjemmeside. Tjek dem ud i dag og lad os høre, hvordan det går!

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More Affordable Home Improvements

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Why is it that so many of the best home improvements end up costing a lot of money? If that’s a question that you often find that you’re asking yourself, then you may need to take a new approach to improving your home. While some changes certainly aren’t cheap, you’ll soon find that there’s plenty that you can do on a limited budget.

The first big step that you can take if you want to get more done, without spending too much money, is to make sure that you have some decent DIY skills. This is really important because the costs involved in hiring someone to do work around your home can often be quite high.

By picking up the core skills yourself, you’ll find that you’ll be able to make some big savings. You should be able to pick up some basic skills by reading a decent DIY manual, or maybe by attending a few classes. Some of us worry that we’ll never be able to be any good at carrying out simple tasks around the home, but you might be amazed by what you can learn.

If you do really struggle then you might consider seeing if you have any friends who might be able to help.

When it comes to materials, products and gadgets, think about how you can get a great look without spending too much money. Relatively small pieces of furniture, for example, can really help to transform a room. Other decisions that you make are likely to have a big impact on our budget.

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Reducing the Cost of Home Improvements

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Are you always thinking about how much better your house could look with a few improvements? There are plenty of us who are in the same boat. We often look around and think about how much things could be improved, but we’re put off acting because we think that any changes will be too costly. You can read on to find some simple tips that will help you to make some big savings on home improvements.

You soon come to realise that the costs involved in carrying out improvements around the home generally fall into two categories. The first set of costs come from having to hire someone to help with getting the work done. The second set of costs come from having to buy all the materials that are needed. If you’re looking to reduce how much you’re going to spend then you’ll have to consider these two areas.

You might think that getting rid of the fees associated with hiring professionals will be difficult, but it needn’t be. There are various things that you can do to help make things that bit cheaper. A step that many people take is to try and do more of the work themselves. This isn’t for everyone and you might prefer to find friends who can help, if you feel that your own skills aren’t up to the job in hand. You may still need to pay friends, but you might benefit from reduced rates.

Reducing the quality of materials being used is something that some people worry about. They get concerned that others will immediately spot that the most expensive products haven’t been chosen. You needn’t worry at all. You’ll be absolutely amazed by how great you can make your house look when using slightly cheaper materials, but making sure that you really add that personal touch to anything that you do.

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Making Home Improvements on a Budget

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Do you look around your house and think about making some improvements? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many of us also consider making changes to our properties but we’re often put off by the high costs that are involved. In this article we take a closer look at how you can make home improvements without blowing your budget.

It’s clear that the costs associated with such improvements useful fall into two categories. Firstly, you have the costs associated with hiring help to get the work done. Secondly, you’ll also have to find the money to pay for the cost of any materials that are required. If you want to spend less then you’ll need to concentrate on spending less on each of these two areas.

Reducing the cost of hiring people can be easier to tackle than you might think. There are a number of steps that you can take to make things cheaper. An obvious one would be to concentrate on doing more of the work yourself. If you don’t feel that you’ve got the necessary skills, then maybe you’ve got some friends who could help. Even if they’re willing to work for a reduced rate, it will help in keeping costs down.

Many people imagine that they can’t cut corners when it comes to materials. They worry that visitors to their home will notice if designer products haven’t been used. The exact opposite is often true. You can usually make a stunning impact by using cheaper materials and concentrating your efforts on really adding that personal touch.

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Government Grants For Home Improvements – Are You in Desperate Need of Repairs?

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The government has been sending out stimulus money trying to stimulate the economy and a lot of this money has benefited some Americans. But only the ones who knew where to find the money and how to get it. This includes the government grants for home improvements.

You will hear some people say that you cannot get money from the government. This is not true. Yes, the government is not going to come knocking on your door and asking you if you need anything or if there is anything they can do for you. Instead they just take billions of dollars in taxes and put them aside for different grant opportunities.

Of course not everyone is going to qualify for every grant. It is up to you to find the grant and make sure you do qualify before you even apply. Otherwise, you will have just wasted your time for nothing. This is also true of the government grants for home improvements.

Now if you live in a nice expensive home and are just looking to get your kitchen remodeled, then chances are you will have to pay for that yourself. But if you are living in a home that has been eaten away by termites, the plumbing does not work properly, the roof leaks, or it has any other terrible living conditions plus you fall within the income requirements, you can qualify to get government money that will fix you home. Sometimes if it is beyond repair, they will just build a new one instead.

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Wie Flickenteppiche gewebt werden: Die Techniken

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Flickenteppiche sind Teppiche, die aus allen möglichen Stoffen hergestellt werden, die zu einem einzigartigen Design zusammengesetzt werden. Sie sind sehr beliebt, weil sie dazu neigen, Kunstwerke in Ihrem Haus zu sein, die auffallen. 

Das Bilden eines Flickenteppichs kann eine angenehme Erfahrung sein sind dort ist viele Spitzen und Techniken, die das Stück von einer Art einzigartig bilden. Eine große Sache über Flickenteppich ist, dass sie alle so unterschiedlich voneinander aussehen. Der erste Tipp bei der Herstellung eines Flickenteppichs ist, in einen Handwerksladen zu gehen, um einige Stoffe zu finden, die Sie verwenden möchten, Sie können sogar in einen Bettwarenladen gehen und Bettwäsche, Tagesdecken, Steppdecken oder ein altes T-Shirt verwenden, alles was Sie wollen.

Die Arten von Techniken

Eine gute Technik zur Herstellung eines Flickenteppichs ist entweder ein Web-, Flecht-, Häkel- oder Strickvorgang. Alle diese Prozesse werden Ihnen unterschiedliche Ergebnisse liefern, der gewebte Teppich sieht präziser aus und sieht gerade und ordentlich aus. Diese werden meist in rechteckigen Formen ausgeführt. Die geflochtenen Teppiche sehen aus wie ein Haarband und werden gewöhnlich zu einem runden Teppich. Ein gestrickter und gestrickter Flickenteppich sieht sehr ähnlich aus, weil er fast die gleiche Technik hat.

Wie ein Flickenteppich hergestellt wird

Wenn Sie kaufen oder einen Flickenteppich herstellen, werden Sie höchstwahrscheinlich kaufen oder ein kaufen, das gewebt wird. Diese Technik ist weit verbreitet, weil sie die Art und Weise ist, wie diese Teppiche seit dem 17. Jahrhundert hergestellt werden. 

Um zum Beispiel einen kleinen Flickenteppich herzustellen, möchten Sie Ihren Stoff auslegen und alle zwei Zentimeter markieren, dann mit einer Schere einen Schnitt machen, bei dem Sie den Stoff markiert haben. Als nächstes reißen Sie den Rest des Stoffes mit den Händen, das gibt dem Stoff einen schmutzigen Look, der dem Teppich seinen Look verleiht. 

Trennen Sie die Streifen nach Farbe, damit Sie später leicht bestimmen können, wie Ihr Muster aussehen soll. Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, den Webstuhl zu bauen, auf dem du weben wirst. Du kannst einen Webstuhl kaufen, wenn du willst, aber eine zu machen ist sehr einfach. Verwenden Sie ein Stück Pappe, um zwei Zoll Schlitze zu machen, um Ihren Stoff zu platzieren, stellen Sie sicher, dass die Schlitze einen halben Zoll auseinander liegen. 

Wählen Sie schließlich eine Farbe aus, die Sie als Ihren Webstreifen bevorzugen, und weben Sie einfach durch die Streifen auf dem Karton, indem Sie über und unter jedes Stoffstück gehen. Beginnen Sie ungefähr zwei Zoll unten, um einen Shag Blick auf die Kanten Ihres Teppichs zu werfen.

Um die besten Teppiche online zu testen: TrendCarpet ist einer der größten Teppichhändler und hat die größte Vielfalt an Flickenteppichen in Deutschland. Sie haben eine Sammlung von Flickenteppichen, die sehr stilvoll sind und zu erschwinglichen Preisen angeboten werden.

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