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Rotational Molding and its impact on the industry


The plastics industry has been evolving in many aspects, and with this evolution, they have become part of a multitude of industries. Both manufacturing processes and materials follow an upward evolution curve that has increased their demand. One of the longest-running processes of development is Rotomolding, which was born in the 1960s.

But that is now when it has experienced its greatest expansion, given the demand in multiple industries. This demand is because this process produces pieces of great durability and resistance that can be used in a multiplicity of products. Rotational molding expansion has to do with the adaptability of the process and the profitability of its use.

Although its competitors are very strong in some productive sectors, some processes and products only admit rotomolding as a production technique.

Rotational Molding allows the manufacture of parts without size limitations, from small complementary parts to large storage tanks. It is this versatility that drives it as one of the most specialized and profitable processes in the plastics industry in general. Industries that need strong and durable plastic parts come to the Custom Rotomolding where they get quality and profitability.

THE rotational molding process

Some industries, because of the volume of their products and their capacity, decide to install their own parts factories themselves using this process. Many others prefer to subcontract the manufacturer, and either option must always be guided by experts.

There are many companies dedicated to rotational Molding in different phases, some design and manufacture molds, and other complete parts.

Applications and uses of rotational Molding

There are many applications of Rotational Molding in different industries, either with the manufacture of products themselves or complementary parts. Some of the industries in which the tornomolding is essential are: automotive, toys, leisure, storage, transportation among many others

In the automotive industry, tornomolding is used to make dashboards, armrests, fuel tanks, interior parts, and much more. In the toy industry, the participation of rotational Molding is such that it could be affirmed that it would not exist without this manufacturing technique. Toys, parks, internal parts, molds for larger buildings, entertainment center accessories, etc. are created.

Due to its durability characteristics, it is a highly appreciated technique for the manufacture of tanks, containers, oil tanks, fuel, and chemical products. All these uses also take advantage of the resistance of the tornomolding in the open.

The design in the screw

Rotomolding Design can be considered a whole process in itself, it requires the participation of specialists in various areas. This involves the design of a product and the mold for its manufacture, the use of the tornomolding introduces special characteristics difficult to achieve with other processes. It is this versatility that gives this method so much relevance at present in so many different industries.

Here the ability to manufacture durable products and diverse uses meets the flexibility of a custom-made design. Due to these characteristics, it can be affirmed that we are in a unique and highly relevant process in the plastics industry.

The advantages and functionality of the tornomolding have not been equaled and much less surpassed by any other method known so far. This is a fact recognized by wide industrial sectors.


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