A textile covering helps cover the floor and gives a sophisticated look to your space. The carpets are made up of different materials according to your space need. Some fiber types are less expensive while others are highly expensive. They need maintenance according to their quality. The main purpose of these carpets is to bring comfort under your feet. There are many types of carpets materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and wool. The yarns are looped to fiber through backing in the same manner as the button sewed onto the shirt. Then these loops are cut to your desire, which is called carpet pile later. Pilling is always different for different areas such as in office areas high piled carpets are used to bear the stress of heavy foot traffic. While in home areas you can use both short and high piled carpets, which fits the best. Different materials of carpets for different spaces are explained here:


This is the most popular material for carpets due to its fiber strength. It can resist abrasion, stains, soil, and is waterproof. It can last for many years in its original shape without much damage. About 90% of people use nylon carpets for residential purposes. It can bear heavy stress of foot traffic as well as resistant to mold, mildew and rot. You can dye them in any color you want. Its popularity is also because of its affordability than any other material of carpets. If you care for it well, it can last for more than fifteen years.


This carpet material is usually popular for outdoor use because it is formed of polypropylene. It is excellent in moisture resistance. They can be used indoors because of its fiber strength. They look great when dyed in vibrant colors. Olefin has its own shortcoming, when it is exposed to direct sunlight its appearance can be damaged. Its 80% application is commercial because it can bear heavy wear and tear.  Its similarity to wool is making it popular for residential use with time. They are highly stain resistant but they can trap soil particles in them which can cause allergy to the users. It is very easy to maintain but they are not more durable than a nylon carpet. This material is less expensive than nylon but more expensive than acrylic and polyester. People love using them in their office lobbies.


This synthetic material can resist stains, moisture and is easy to maintain well. Its piles can clump together if you do not maintain it well, which gives an ugly look. This synthetic material is fade resistant with a quality of holding sparkling colors. Carpets, which are made up of this material, are environmentally friendly because material is prepared by recycling plastic bottles. This material is not a smart choice for heavy foot traffic areas because it flattens under weight and oil stains cannot be removed from it. Polyester carpets are a smart choice for small homes with less foot traffic.


This material is wool-like, resistant to moisture, mildew, static, stains and colors fade. It can hold vibrant colors more than any other option of carpet materials. Its popularity is due to its appearance and comfort which is more likely to the wool. It is mostly marketed as synthetic wool. This material lasts for a long time in less foot traffic areas. Sometimes cleaning product’s stains can stay on it so acrylics can turn brown.


This is natural material which is very luxurious in its nature. It has a long lifespan under heavy foot traffic. This is softest carpet fiber, which is extremely expensive. Some manufacturers make blends of wool and synthetic fiber to make it highly durable. These woven fibers are resistant to trap soil particles so keep you protected from allergens. This is the smartest choice for sensitive people or patient rooms but it is vulnerable to mildews, which damages it. It is not a good choice for areas of high moisture and humidity areas.


This is an excellent choice for homes with pets and kids, because this is made up of strong fibers. These strong fibers can withstand heavy wear and tear and last for a long time. It is easily available at affordable prices.


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