Types of Office Furniture Your Utah Workplace Needs

Standing Desk

Standing desks, also known as adjustable height desks, can do exactly what their name implies: they can be adjusted. Working for eight-plus hours a day can be exhausting and leave you fidgeting in your seat, but standing desks allow you to adjust the height and position of your desk so that you can work standing up. This is ideal for individuals working with papers and visual demographics, as it allows them to (in theory) take a step back from their work and see it from a different perspective. Standing desks are a must-have in all workplaces.

Writing Desk

Writing desks are thin, space-saving desks with minimal storage, perfect for laptop work or physical writing work. Ideally, writing desks can be lined against an office wall, out of the way of larger desks and office traffic. In addition, writing desks may have elevated shelves for picture frames, pencils, plants, and other decorations, making them the perfect desk option for a minimalist office. If your office requires more desks, but you’re not sure you have the room for them, consider purchasing writing desks.

Floating Desk

Floating desks, or wall-mounted desks, are desks without legs that are mounted directly onto a wall. Similar to writing desks, they take up very little space while still providing all the necessities for office workers. So if you’re hoping to make the most of your limited office space, floating desks are the way to go.

Executive Desk

If your job requires a lot of complex materials that need to be stored but regularly accessed, an executive desk is the best option for you. Executive desks feature excessive drawer storage, cupboards, and divided compartments for optimally organized materials such as documents, pencils, paperclips, books, and notecards. Although executive desks do require a lot of space, they make up for their large volume with their essential applications.

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