Almost every person wants to live in a comfortable living space but they fear of increased energy bills. It is due to lack of information they pay more utility bills. If you have recently starting experiencing an increase in the utility bills, you need to get your appliance serviced to know the problem. It can be due to dirty air filter or overworking condenser. Servicing is the best way to know and rectify the problem and to improve energy efficiency.  

Replace filter from time to time

Most of the homeowners don’t think about to change filter until it produces a harmless sound or gets clogged. This condition can create other major issues. So, to maintain yourself, you can set an alarm in your smartphone. Regular filter replacement helps to maintain the cooling power and prevent major ac repair. Here you can see replacement requirement for each MERV. You should replace MERV 1-4 after 2-3 months, MERV 5-8 after 1-2 months, MERV 8+ requires every month replacement. If your filter is clogged before the alarm then you can adjust the alarm timing.

See MERV while purchasing

MERV captures the dust based on the particle size in the air filter. Higher MERV helps the filter to capture very small dust particles. Generally, people like to buy MERV1-4 because of its low cost but it is unable to provide the best protection to your air conditioner.  MERV 5-8 makes your HVAC super efficient, MERV 9-12 improve the air quality of your home.

Set the thermostat on the auto state

If you use ac with thermostat fan always ON, then the ac blower will run non-stop no matter your AC is on cooling cycle or not. The blower brings cold air into your room and also sucks warm air in the ac. So, in this condition your filter will clog up than the normal use.


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