Things To Watch Out For When Hiring An Architect

Planning to build a home in Andover? If so, you are making the right decision as the town offers too many exciting things to their community. When building a house, one of the things you have to seriously think about is who among the many architects would you hire?

If you want to hire a architect Andover, make sure that he will not fail your dream home. You might have read a lot of things about the right architect to hire, but very rare you read information about things to watch out for when hiring an architect.

If you need to hire an architect, here are some of the things you have to watch out for to avoid major disappointments.

An architect who is giving estimates too quickly

Do not go for an architect who immediately gives away estimates even without discussion. No architect can provide an estimate unless they already have had a discussion with their client, like the materials to use, the number of floors, the style of the home, etc.

If the architect provides estimates right away, expect that there would be a lot of price changes as the plan and building construction progresses.

Good if you have enough funds to sustain the adjustments with the price, but what if you do not have it?

Architects who immediately give estimates just want to close deals fast and would let changes happen while the construction is on-going, so you do not have a choice but to invest some more.

Not part of a qualified construction company

There is completely nothing wrong hiring a sole proprietor architect, but this you only have to consider when you performed an extreme background checking of the architect’s past experiences and competencies.

Hiring an architect that is a part of a qualified construction company is actually a better idea as it will give you an assurance that the architect you will hire is trusted and highly reliable. No construction company will hire an architect that would possibly put their business name in the bad light.

By hiring an architect from a qualified construction company, you are giving yourself a peace of mind that you are working with a good and trusted architect.

Not calling back immediately or always failing to pick up your call

If he is already failing to answer your call or not calling back immediately now, expect that he will be less responsive when you already signed a contract with him. Ignoring your calls is an indication that he does not respect your time and your needs.

Although, you also have to be considerate with the time and day you call. If you are calling on the weekends or in the middle of the night, do not expect that they will answer your call or give you a callback right away. Make your calling window within the business hours as that is when they are more obliged to answer their client’s calls.