The Average Life Span of a Standard Toilet Seat vs. Soft Closing

Toilet seats are an essential part of every bathroom. Therefore, you need to take your time choosing the right one for your needs. Otherwise, you will have to put up with a noisy flusher, a slamming lid, and a tacky seat. Toilets also wear out after some time. Therefore, before splurging on a custom model, consider the amount of cash you will have to cough up for replacement. Ordinary toilet seats are quite affordable and last for a considerable amount of time. While it is functional, sometimes you need to splurge and enjoy the comforts of having a custom toilet seat.

What do you do when your toilet seat is giving you a headache? The solution is quite simple. You have to upgrade to a soft close toilet seat. These toilet seats close on their own when you push them down or tap gently. While gravity makes it move downward, the hinges control the force of gravity, preventing the lid from slamming. Read on to find out the benefits you get from the slow close toilet seats.

Minimal Noise

Are you tired of the slamming noise of your standard toilet seat? Then it is time for an upgrade. Soft-close seats have special hinges that can control the force of gravity. Therefore, the lead lands without slamming or causing a loud clatter. Ordinary seats are quite noisy if you lose your grip when closing. Slow close seats are perfect for families with young children who may have trouble closing the lid. Besides, they ensure privacy in the bathrooms. Especially in the silence of the night, a slamming toilet seat can disturb those sleeping. Therefore, if your household uses the bathroom frequently at night. You should upgrade to avoid disturbances at night.

Easy to Maintain

Soft-close seats have a quick-release function, which enables quick and thorough cleaning. The quick-release allows the removal of the seat. Therefore, you can scrub the toilet with ease. A soft close toilet seat is made from vinyl, which is resistant to bacteria. There is no risk of mould build-up, and there is no need of cleaning daily. Ordinary seats are usually prone to mould or mildew and require frequent cleaning to avoid infections.

Safe to Use

Some ordinary toilet seats have heavy leads and may cause injuries to small children by trapping their fingers. However, with soft-close seats, accidents are rare because the toilet closes at a controlled rate. Slamming toilet seats also cause damage to the toilet bowl. Therefore, investing in a slow close toilet protects your children from injuries and prolongs the lifespan of the toilet bowl.

Easy to Install

Nowadays, new toilets have a slow-close seat fitted. However, you can also install a soft-close seat to any bathroom. The process is straightforward, and with a screwdriver, you can finish the installation by yourself. Removal of the seats is also simple and won’t give you any trouble. Click here to find the best replacement toilet seats.

A soft-close seat provides great comfort for your bathrooms. Therefore, you should consider installing it soon.