Some Cons Of Berber Wool Rugs And Some Pros To Counter Them

Berber wool rugs are generally a style of rug that has a white color with tiny flecks of grey or brown inside the wool. The name originated from the Berber tribes in Africa. Berber heud carpeting became more popular with looped style carpet. This has led to Berber carpeting being most often associated with looped carpeting. There are various pros and cons to Berber wool rugs in the home.


  • Cost Effective
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean

One of the main positive sides to Berber rugs is that they are cost effective. The Berber style is actually available at various price points, which allows the buyer to choose a rug at whatever their budget will allow. The Berber style is typically more affordable because the loop style is relatively far cheaper to manufacture compared to other rug styles.

The Berber rugs are more durable than most rugs too. The looped style holds up considerably in comparison to other rug styles. Having a durable carpet is definitely a positive to purchasing one of these styles of rugs.

Another positive to a Berber rug is the fact that they’re easy to clean. The flecks in the carpet allow for stains that won’t come out to be far less visible. The carpets are also fairly simple to wash by yourself and fairly reasonable if you pay to have them shampooed.


  • Snagging
  • Cats Clawing

One of the cons of having a Berber rug is that the loops of the carpet can get stuck on things. This is only really a negative when the loops get stuck on furniture when it’s being moved. When that happens, this can damage a Berber rug. Generally, if you are careful this shouldn’t happen when you are moving around furniture.

Some people worry that their pets might run over a Berber rug and get stuck. This shouldn’t happen and is only a very rare occurrence when it does happen. The only con that is common involving pets and Berber rugs is when you have a cat that likes to claw up carpets. A cat may claw and wreck your Berber rug fairly easily due to the loops. They may also injure their paws if they get their claws stuck.

Purchasing Berber Rugs from TrendCarpet

If you think the pros outweigh the cons of having a Berber wool rug in the home, then your next step is going ahead with getting a Berber wool rug for your home. There are many different retailers that have Berber style rugs. One of the retailers that distribute in various different countries is TrendCarpet. They’re known for selling trendy rugs. View their website today to see what kind of Berber rugs they have amongst their trendy carpets.