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Oxford fencing safety considerations and its benefits

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Safety fencing has a crucial role in protecting from hazards the employees that is posed by companies and industrial machinery. The ease of modularity and installation are crucial aspects, yet a physical barrier is effective between operators and hazards. In Oxford fencing, it works as a safe low-tech solution and helps in reducing injury risk, machine downtime, costly lawsuits, and results in accidents.

Before implementing any fencing system, here are few considerations:

  • Area to guard– The basic step in Oxford fencingis to determine the area size that requires guarding from hazards. The dimensions, doors and panels are selected to fit the area. However, panel widths in a large variety help in covering areas of varying sizes and shapes efficiently. It is important to think before selecting panel sizes. The configurable options for the door are to design as per the suitable handle type.
  • Fencing height– Fence height should be appropriate to prevent injuries from occurring. Following the standard mandates is essential to Oxford fencing and maintaining safety distances helps prevent employees from reaching or getting into contact with hazard zones. Determine the horizontal distance for the fence and ensure to create safe zone from danger zone. Understanding the relation of opening size, height, and horizontal distance is a must for a guarded fencing system.
  • Robustness and longevity– The need of the fencing is to handle unexpected collisions and even occasional forklift. The longevity in a fencing system depends on the harsh condition of the environment and presence of chemicals. Exposure of long-term can cause the fencing system to degrade. Users can prevent degradation by powder coating the doors and panels, thereby ensuring robustness in the environments. It serves as a combination of durability and strength for a fencing system.
  • Installing ease– The fencing systems with nuts, joining, bolts, and brackets offer the ease of installation. Single the modern procedure of installation is innovative and does not need any tool. Systems have a simple and fast connection method that is easier to work or install. Ensure the fencing does not involve any hardware removing process.
  • Operator safety– It is a must to plan for required safety conditions. A common practice is keep the operators protected such that there is interlock door handle. The signals help to shut the power down. Oxford fencing system includes connector to run signals. There is overall convenience and reduced installation time as a handy option.

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