Living Room Design Ideas With Sectional Sofas

If you assumed that a sectional sofa is one of the more contemporary sofa designs, you are mistaken. This versatile piece of furniture has been around since the Victorian era. Although it used to look a lot different from its modern-day counterpart, it consisted of two or more sitting pieces that were pushed together to create a single long upholstered seating area. It was until the 1950s rolled in that the sectional sofas became more mainstream. Since then it has been through various transformations in the form of padding, upholstery, the height of the back. In fact, some of the modern sectional sofas include an additional pull-out bed hidden beneath the cushions. As you can see, the L shape sofa is here to stay after the various transformations it has been through. A glance at some of the durable and top-notch sectional sofa models on the Wakefit website is proof of this.

Sectional sofas or couches are slightly different from traditional sofas as it consists of multiple independent pieces that are arranged in different positions to arrive at a seating plan that you prefer. While traditional sofas can seat three or four people, the sectional sofa seats a minimum of seven people comfortably, making a huge improvement in seating space. Sectional sofas come in either L or U-wrap-around shapes. While both shapes are suited to rectangular and square-shaped rooms the U-shape sectional sofa works best for very large rooms while L-shape sectional sofa works best for a large or medium-sized room. The best part of sectional sofas is that they can be configured like a puzzle to suit your room perfectly.

Many people remain on the fence when it comes to deciding between a sectional sofa and other sofa models. Here are a few ways to make this versatile piece of furniture work in a large open living space, a medium living room and a small living room:

Sectional Sofa In A Large Room

Sectional sofas are well suited for large rooms. It helps create a well-furnished look due to its bulky nature and sheer size. In fact, many people demarcate different areas in large living rooms with the help of a large sectional sofa. If you enjoy having friends and family over, it may be wise to buy asofa online that offers plenty of comfortable seating. It is well suited for a living room that functions as a casual as well as a formal lounging area. If you prefer a regular sofa layout, you may have to spend a lot more money and invest in several pieces to make sure the room does not appear too large. This is why interior designers always recommend sectional sofas for large living areas. People who like to host and entertain can certainly get a lot out of sectional sofas compared to other sofa models. Moreover, they can even add additional sectional units as per their seating requirements since floor space is no longer an issue!

Corner Sectional In A Medium Size Room With A Fireplace

Imagine an average-sized room that also has a fireplace that takes up one wall. Interior design experts recommend turning the fireplace into the focal point of the room. In order to create a balanced layout, you need to create a chaise configuration that is opposite the fireplace. You can also opt to mount a TV above the fireplace mantel if you wish to do so. A right chaise sofa opposite the fireplace creates a nice and cosy ambience with the TV and the fireplace as the focal point in the room. You can opt to have the sectional sofa against the wall or leave a bit of walking space behind it depending on the size of the room. If you are opting for a regular sofa layout, you may have to invest in a three-seater sofa along with two additional single-seater armchairs or a two-seater depending on the dimensions of the room. This also helps create a warm and welcoming living room. If you have a large family, the sectional sofa works well in this setting. Regardless of whether you choose a sectional sofa layout or a regular sofa layout, keeping them as the focal point helps create a living space that is friendly, open and warm.

Sectional Sofa In A Small Living Room

Consider a rectangular room that is low on square feet and also needs to cater to a dining table. With space becoming an expensive commodity, many apartments have a similar layout. Well, if you were to opt for a sectional sofa, it also doubles as a space demarcation. This helps clearly mark the lounging and dining areas without the need for a room divider. This can be a godsend if you work from home and need to create mental boundaries in your living space. If you were to opt for other sofa models, you may have to invest in a two-seater sofa along with an additional single-seater. This is the only way you can demarcate separate areas in the room. So although the floor space is taken up by two pieces of furniture, the seating space available will be comparatively less.

Another reason the sectional sofa works in this situation is that it helps create an open floor plan that offers better flow between the two distinct areas in the room. You can opt for a sectional sofa with a left chaise or a right chaise depending on the focal point in the living room. Although the sectional sofa may make your room appear smaller, it is perfect to entertain guests or kick back your feet and enjoy binge-watching your favourite shows.

It is obvious from the above scenarios that the sectional sofa suits any living room scenario. It is time to buy a top-quality sectional sofa set online and give your living room a makeover. Since the living room is by extension a representation of you and your family, you need to put in a bit of effort to create a room that is welcoming and warm.