Fixing Trembling, Moving and Shaking – Guide to LG Washer Repair Pasadena

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Washing machines tend to shake or tremble uncontrollably for various reasons. Multiple washing machine owners have reported this problem in the past. As soon as they launch a spin cycle, these frustrating trembles and shaking begin.

The after-effects of these trembles and movements are even worse for homeowners who reside in small spaces. Nearby shelves and desks start trembling as soon as the washing machine is turned on! Thankfully, there are numerous ‘quick fix’ solutions to this common washing machine problem. Here’s an exploration of these trembling and shaking issues –

Washing Machine Placement

The way a washing machine is installed and positioned has a great effect on its performance. These appliances are heavy, and they need to stand on solid ground. Even homeowners with little or no experience in repairing washing machines can fix this problem. 

  • Leveling Legs – The washing machine’s leveling legs need to be evenly positioned. Even an inch of space or unevenness can cause the washing machine unit to shake uncontrollably during spin cycles. The surface underneath the washing machine unit needs to flat and uniform.
  • The Padding on the Legs – Yes, even an inch of unevenness in the leveling legs’ rubber padding can cause the washing machine to tremble. After many years of use, these rubber paddings become worn down. Replacing them is easy.

Suspension Spring

Suspension springs are key components of a washing machine unit. They suspend the tub assembly from the washing machine’s cabinet or to appropriately steady the tub assembly with the machine’s base. These components absorb all the vibrations generated by the wash basket during wash cycles.

After repeated use, suspension springs lose their shape or get detached from the machine’s cabinet. These issues cause the machine to produce strange noises and vibrations.

Expert providers of LG washer repair Pasadena always check the suspension ring of a washer whenever consumers report shaking or trembling. They remove the frontal panel to check whether the suspension springs are detached or out of shape. To make sure these trembles don’t arise again, they carefully replace the old suspension spring with one that features proper protective coatings.

Shock Absorber

Only front-loading washers come with shock absorbers. These components deteriorate in efficiency if the users keep using the machine repeatedly. Adding unbalanced loads to the washer also causes this issue.

Although trembling or loud banging sounds during every wash cycle aren’t serious issues, avoiding them can lead to component failure in the future.


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