The job of a gas engineer is to help install, maintain and repair your gas appliances like gas boilers. This engineer can be specialized in a particular service amongst the services mentioned above. Gas boilers are one of the important parts of a home and their function and longevity is usually determined by the kind of engineer that oversees it. Choosing a good gas engineer goes a long way to determine whether or not you would enjoy your gas appliances. Be it the installation of new gas boilers or the maintenance of your home’s central heating system, there are important tips for getting the right gas engineer for you and they are:

  • Check for References and Recommendations

This is an important thing to consider before hiring a gas engineer as it would give you an idea of the services they offer and the result to expect. Recommendations can come from previous customers and from online platforms. With the Advent of the internet, there are websites where genuine reviews about gas engineers can be given. It is advisable to steer clear of engineers with bad ratings and review. 

  • Check for Certifications

Every good gas engineer must be certified and registered under a reputable organization. This serves as a proof of the knowledge he possesses and the amount of experience he has in this field.  As mentioned earlier, a gas engineer can be certified in a specialized area of gas appliances like installation, while others may be specialized in the repair. Either way, be sure to ask for the proof of their experience as well as their certifications. A gas safe registered engineer is advisable.

  • Costs and Written Estimates

Before taking the bold step to hire a gas engineer, it is advisable to ask for the written estimates of the service you need from different companies and compare them. Most times it is necessary to have these different estimates in a file for future reference. When there is a large difference in the estimates, ask questions. The cost of the service should also determine whether or not for you to hire a gas engineer. In cases of high cost, you should make sure the price for the job is worth the services and you should also beware of extremely low prices for the repair or installation of any combi boiler prices

  • Insurance

Insurance is an important part of any businesses and therefore it is important for it to be a criteria for hiring a gas engineer. It is important for you to ask about the insurance plan of your gas engineer in case of accident and the proof of this plan should be shown. It is highly advisable for you not to deal with engineers with no provable insurance. 

  • A Written Guarantee

A good gas engineer should be able to provide a written guarantee about the services they offer as the lack of this could indicate the chances of a problem with the boiler. When this is not properly overseen, it could result to an extra cost of hiring another gas engineer. 


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