Bathroom Renovation Northern Beaches – What are Some Excellent New Trends to Follow?


Kitchen and bathroom renovations are two of the biggest investments made by many people these days. With renovations, you can improve the functionality as well as comfort factor of your home as well as enhance the resale value of your home at the time of selling. These are some of the most amazing new bathroom renovation Northern Beaches trends that you can follow these days.

Walk-In Showers

These can improve the visual space in bathrooms that are comparatively smaller in size. Some bathroom owners like to have an enclosure, with new tinted glass or frameless glass – which is extremely popular. Walk-In showers that are more spacious and comfortable are one of the hottest new trends for some time now. You can use these as substitutes for bathrooms with walk-in showers that take up a lot of space and comprise of multiple showerheads.

Bathtubs Standing Alone

Some people who love bathtubs are opting for standalone bathtubs rather than the regular ones. Such types of tubs are getting more and more popular, given that these make bathing more relaxing for owners. You can also go for the ‘No Bathtub’ style, where many homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms without any bathtub. This is for various reasons, such as busy schedules and family members who are growing older.

Heated Floors

There are many places where cold is very biting every year. Heated floors that are radiant are getting more and more popular. In most bathroom remodeling’s in these areas, it has almost become a top requirement.

Water Saving Toilets

Low-flush and Dual-flow toilets are in much demand, as these can save water and energy. These can especially be found in comfortable heights and in elongated bowl designs.

Hand Showers

Dual showers and Hand showers having hand and overhead combinations can direct sprays from showers right at the spot that you wish. This is why these have begun to get more popular today.


These have also become quite popular in the last few years. Such types are more appropriate in homes with main and master bedrooms.

LED Lighting

It is very energy saving and is very popular. These days, you can find LED lighting to be a fixture in bathroom renovations, particularly in cabinets.

Metallic Finish Various bathroom fixtures can be found in different types of metallic finishes and colours. Homeowners, today, look for chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel with various metals of warm colors.


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