We must emphasize using the best raw materials and that we have the most modern machinery. Thanks to these two factors, our products are more resistant than the challenge that you can find with similar characteristics.

Concrete Bumpers

The use of this kind of parking stops are essential so that the vehicles do not suffer damage when parking; they are also an essential tool to help us carry out the parking maneuver since they prevent us from exceeding the limits of the square, too They prevent if their placement is correct, that we hit the wall or columns when during the maneuver.

Its installation is straightforward; we will need a drill, a bit, a meter to measure the distances, and some anchors to fix the stops.

First, we will present the stops; this means that we will place them where they are best located or delimit the parking space; we will mark their position and the holes that we must make.

The second step is to drill the holes and fix the stop; with the bolts or ground anchors, we will tighten them enough not to move, and voila, they are already installed to start using them.

Speed Reducers

 We all know that in the surroundings of a school or park, we must circulate at a moderate speed because you never know where a child may appear; it is one of the concerns parents usually have when leaving them in these places. Still, sometimes due to confusion or ignorance, we do not realize that we are driving through one of these places, and we do not moderate our speed for this reason. Others it is necessary to urge speed reducers in the area; thus, we will considerably reduce the chances of a minor being run over, increasing the site security.

These bumps or speed reducers are made of rubber, rubber, and reinforced rubber to withstand the daily passage of vehicles; they have also been painted in striking colors to attract the attention of drivers, they lack maintenance, and if any of their parts are deteriorates, it is straightforward to replace, they are the best deterrent measure to prevent cars from circulating at high speeds. Its installation is straightforward, you only need to make some holes in the road to the precise measurements and anchor them to the ground, and in a short time, you will have the most troubled streets of your neighborhood or city under control.


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