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Impress Your Guests With Designer Home Area Rugs

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It makes your efforts worthwhile when you get compliments from your friends and guests on your home decorations. You love to see them standing and staring at the interior decorations of your house and then admiring you for your splendid work to make it appear so astoundingly charming. You take good care of your home and try to keep it clean and clear. You put appealing paint on the walls, get artistic cuts on the ceilings and put on decorative wallpapers. Now here comes your way another affordable home decorating product which can not only adorn the floors of your home but also it can give a whole new look to your house – the home area rugs.

Area rugs are not new terms in the lexicon of home products. But they were never used as home décor products. Their first and foremost use was and remain to keep the house clean. They are excellent dust absorbers and are also good absorbers of water and hence they are also used in kitchen and bathrooms. But in the present days there quality and looks have undergone a drastic change. They have become more presentable, more stylish and nowadays they can be used for both cleaning as well as decorating purpose.

Modern area rugs are made up of high quality materials and showcase the sophisticated, stylish and contemporary designs. These rugs are machine washable, wear resistance and are eco-friendly. The designer area rugs have fine constructions which enhance the look of your home and present the floors with a classic look. There are leaf and flower patterns printed in square shaped and round shaped rugs which are sure to keep everyone amazed. You can also purchase kids area rugs which have cute characters like butterfly, bears, frogs and other animals printed on them and cut into their shapes.

The extraordinary textures of these designer rugs add warmth, comfort, style and versatility to the cold and dull floors of your house. Your guests are sure to get impressed with these home area rugs. The floors of your house come alive with these chic rugs.

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Tips to Help You Decorate Your Kid’s Bathroom

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Most parents complain that their children don’t brush their teeth or rinse their hands. At times, this problem is because the space in the bathroom is limited and the kids want to get out of the bathroom as soon as possible. Most kids love to use tailor-made bathrooms that meet their requirements. When they find that there is limited space or the right decor is not used, they may not like to use the bathroom.

Today, parents can choose from a range of products that are available in the market. However, parents should not go overboard when decorating the bathroom for their kids. It is important that you consider several factors before you buy products for your kid’s bathroom. Here are some important factors that you should consider before you start decorating your kid’s bathroom.


Safety is the most important that you must consider when designing your kid’s bathroom. It is important that you keep the safety of your kid in mind when deciding on the theme of the bathroom, the fittings you in install, the colors you use and the wall decor of the bathroom. For instance, if you are planning to install countertop, it is best that you avoid using countertops that have edges. Instead, buy rounded countertops as they avoid the chances of bump in the head and reduce the risk of injury. It is important that you mark the hot water tap in your children’s bathroom to prevent them from turning it on accidentally. Also, make sure you use no slip bathroom mats as they help in reducing the risk of injury.


Decor ideas for your kid’s bathroom will vary depending on the age of the kid and their personal preference. Therefore it is important that you involve your kid when designing the bathroom. Most parents who involve their kids are surprised at the enthusiasm and the creativity of the kids. Kids can help in adding a fun element to the bathroom. They will try to use a theme that involves the use of their favorite movie or cartoon ideas.

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5 Amazing Modern Interior Design Ideas!

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A style-savvy decor fanatic can never have enough modern interior design ideas! There is nothing better than giving a room (or entire home!) a fresh new makeover – especially if it only takes small changes to make a big difference. Sometimes a room doesn’t require an entire facelift, only a few nips and tucks here and there!

1. Smart Storage is Always Stylish

Modern interior design ideas are all about clean lines, open spaces, and most important: sensibility. One of the most well-loved aspects of contemporary decor is the acceptance that less is more – except when it comes to multi-functional pieces of furniture! Anything with hidden shelves, drawers, or compartments is a smart solution to clutter. Functionality is the top priority here, so get on board with accessories that do more than just look good.

2. Use Mirrors to Reflect the Best

Mirrors have the ability to take existing decor aspects and present them in an entirely new context. Whether you have a beautiful accent wall, an especially attractive plant or piece of furniture, or an outstanding view of the outdoors – let it speak with twice the strength by featuring it in a simple mirror or reflective surface! Glossy tabletops can even be used to showcase textured ceilings or interesting lighting fixtures.

3. Create, Rearrange, and Modify Casual Areas

If you have a living room equipped to comfortably seat ten, but your usual occupancy is restricted to lower numbers, consider swapping out some of that bulky furniture in favor for more floor space. Look instead for stools that can be stored under tables, attractive multi-use floor pillows, or ultra-modern stacking chairs that can be pulled out only when needed. Negative space plays just as important a role as any other modern interior design ideas.

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Home Decor With a Hint of Nostalgia!

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It seems like the trends in home decor are drifting away from heirloom pieces and traditional design, and are moving forward in a more modern direction where the actual design instead speaks for itself. This is great and there is no need to argue with popular demand, but there are many ways to creatively transform some of your favorite memories into extremely innovative interior accents. Don’t throw away those nostalgic pieces of your life’s history- transform them to add a playful touch to any home decor!

Comics, cartoons, and childish textiles can hold tons of wonderful memories but they take some ingenuity to display. A clean, modern decor that utilizes primary colors could find an old school comic against a matted background with a sleek frame can punctuate an area and give the contemporary a dose of retro. Small patters cut out of children’s sheets may be framed individually and used as a fun decorative collection, or perhaps sewn as an accent onto a single toned pillow to brighten up a surface.

Don’t forget about those toys we played with as youngsters that have made it through the years boxed in the attic. We don’t want to throw them out, but they’re just gathering dust. Why not break out a bit of spray paint and create tasteful ornaments out of baby-blocks, simple shapes, or select figurines. By using flat tones they won’t be overwhelming and will instead look clean and playfully chic.

Collected black-and-white photographs can make a wonderful display encased under a glass pane tabletop, combined with squares of bold color to eliminate the scrapbook effect. It can be really fun to incorporate nostalgic photos in other intimate areas of the home in the form of small cameo lockets or with showy ceramic frames. Photos and flowers always seem to be a great combination, so consider adding a small frame wherever life blossoms in your home.

Of course, even furniture can stir memories of simpler times. Taking an outdated piece of furniture and replacing the legs or upholstery can save it from certain replacement while still exhibiting a bit of flair. Tacky molding can always be removed and replaced with clean, modern lines to bring the piece up to date. There are also plenty of iconic furniture pieces that combine modern materials with classic nostalgic design if you have the budget to make such an investment. If not, refinishing older furniture is a great way to create something that looks contemporary while still holding onto its rich history.

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